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Otto Events by Jennifer About Us

My name is Jennifer Fors. At the young age of 13, my father told me: “Everyone has to work, the trick is finding something you love to do and making a career out of it.” The inspiration for my business started with my father and is why I used his middle name to form the company name, Otto Events.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business from UMass Boston and have spent the last 20 years of my life working in the restaurant and event industry. The intense passion I have for food and people have pushed me to where I am today.

Spending time as a restaurant manager, a catering company manager, and as the food and beverage director at a large wedding facility allowed me to garner the necessary experience to start on my own. The opportunity to handle every last detail and create the ultimate custom experience for my clients is where my true passion lies.

Choosing Otto Events for your special occasion is a must. The meticulous attention to detail, the creativity to turn visions into reality, and the vast relationships built with vendors and locations, are the building blocks of our success. Otto Events will provide you the service and information necessary to make any event a tremendous success.